from "Responsibilities:"

Here're the criteria from "Responsibilities" and how I'm the right fit:

  • Support the Marketing team on a variety of projects

    • @ Eatwell Farm I ran, executed, and supported a number of projects including a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund next level humane animal husbandry and a project to open a fermented beverage production facility.

    • @, I ran an other successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over $15k and sharing the concept of Basic Income with 10,000's of people.

  • Manage Hustle’s social media presence

    • @ Eatwell Farm and I used social media to drive traffic and community engagement leading to email list growth, sales, and successful fundraising.

  • Coordinate all logistics and participation in event exhibitions and sponsorships

    • @ My Basic I produced our sweepstakes drawing and fundraising event at 111 Minna Art gallery, arranging logistics including food, drink, and space rental, and drove attendance with social media and email.

  • Represent Hustle at events and trade shows

    • @ the Internet Archive I helped set up events and booths at the Funston location.

    • @ the SF Chronicle I gave presentations as an account executive and in US Peace Corps I help set up booths, run events and give presentations to a variety of groups including colleagues, students, and lay people, sometimes in English, usually in Bulgarian.

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