About You (me)

from "About You" (about me, that is):

Now let's see how I fit with the criteria from "About Me":

  • Outgoing personality with excellent written and verbal communication skills

    • I take pleasure in meeting new people, learning their names, and understanding what makes them tick. This helps me communicate with people and relate to them more deeply.

  • Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple deadlines.

    • While in Peace Corps, while self-teaching a new language, applying for grants, teaching English to 20+ kids I also ran two marathons. Pressure and deadlines are what I’m about. We're all going to die some day, so we'd best hurry up and make a difference.

  • Attention to detail and good project management skills

    • I love the details, the spreadsheets, the project plans ("they're more like guidelines"). I live out of my calendar and my task management program (Omnifocus)

  • A desire to grow into a marketing management role

    • At this time in my life I’m all about growing positive impact in a way that aligns with my own personal success. Alignment is key for me: let’s grow together.

  • 1-2 year's sales, event management, or marketing experience preferred

    • I’ve done Sales, SF Chronicle ad sales, Eatwell Farm wholesale and digital direct to consumer CPG’s, and marketing via social, email and other and produced and ran events for MBI and Peace Corps

  • Political, advocacy, or nonprofit experience is a plus!
    • I majored in Political Science, have campaigned for Gavin Newsom ('07), advocated for Basic Income, volunteered with Lawrence Lessig's Root Strikers, worked at the non-profit Internet Archive and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria. I believe that being part of organizations and causes that champion the common good is our highest calling.

If you've made it this far, I'm already honored, but what would really make my day is if you'd...

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All the best,

-Cameron Ottens