Are you passionately combining purpose and profit? This is for you.

In Peace Corps, I helped the local mayor grow annual festival attendance by over 20%, while also dramatically increasing sales for products grown in the village.

Loads of people came and saw the high-quality strawberry products, and enjoyed the good food, and live music. Local producers saw a big increase in business and wanted to support the festival financially the next year. The festival was able to grow by creating a virtuous cycle between attendees, businesses, and good fun.

I knew then and there that positive change meant creating a better and more prosperous future, and then getting people to come along for the ride.

If the outreach didn't work, people wouldn’t have come, and it would have failed.
If the producers didn’t see a big improvement in sales, they wouldn't have supported the festival and it would have failed.
If the festival itself wasn't fun for attendees, they wouldn’t have come back the next year, and it would have failed.

By combining persuasive, targeted communications with a good idea and financial gain, we were able to make lasting, and growing impact.

Are you looking to get more people to come along for the ride?

With so many different ways to market, it can be hard to find what works. I can help you communicate with your audience and measure impact, to see what's best.

My current side project is Starting out, we wanted to raise awareness about a grand but obscure idea called Basic Income. We also didn’t want to wait years for some official organization to back us, or give us permission. We just wanted to start, and to have growing impact. So we ran an IndieGoGo campaign.

"In two months we raised $15,000 in revenue from nothing, and grew our email list to over 2,000"

In just two months we were able to raise $15,000 in revenue (to be given away in a sweepstakes) and grow our email-audience to over 2,000 people.

How did we do this? We implemented these four steps:

  1. Setup analytics so we would know if what we were doing worked or not;
  2. Grew our audience and traffic by engaging social media on topics and using language that motivated and made sense to our audience and by collecting emails from those new visitors;
  3. Helped our audience see the value we brought by demonstrating how our project related to them and advanced the causes they care about;
  4. Updated and adjusted our efforts by measuring results and by listening to feedback from members.

Looking to grow your impact and your revenue?